A Time for Optimism

“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head and whispered to her neighbor; Winter is dead.” A.A. Milne from ‘When we were Young’.

It’s subtle the way the transition from winter to springtime happens. It starts slow with just a few early flowers or new leaves….and then suddenly it seems as if the whole landscape is bursting forth filled with color. Spring truly is a time of hope and optimism!

“At the heart of the spring, there is a great inner longing’ writes poet John O’Donohue. He reminds us of our inner wants and desires and how they ‘wake up’ at this time. Because of that ‘inner longing’ Spring is the perfect time to start something new, begin a desired project¬†or make an important change in your life. It’s a time to act and the natural rhythm found in the season of Spring supports each of us and our efforts during this time. Things that normally might be difficult for us, are met with greater ease.

Spring cleaning shakes off all the layers of winter and helps us get rid of the clutter. When we do this in our homes we feel better and more productive

Spring cleaning is for our hearts and minds too.¬†When we do this in our ‘inner world’, we feel more alive, vibrant and engaged in life and free ourselves from unnecessary mental and emotional burdens.

When we don’t take the time to do this life can feel heavy and the joy or happy anticipation about a new day is missing. Rather than feeling gratitude and appreciation, a cluttered mental and emotional state weighs us down. The good news is that now is the perfect time to do this.

Take a few minutes to reflect on these questions…..

What behaviors, thoughts, beliefs or habits no longer serve you?

What have you outgrown?

What do you need to let go of?

Who or what do you need to forgive?

What is weighing you down? What drains you?

After you have explored the questions above, take some time to reflect on what you really want.

What do you want to ‘plant’ and ‘grow’ in your life?

What new ground are you stepping on?

What brings you joy and light?

What excites you?

What fills you up?

When you take time for yourself to do your own inner Spring cleaning, you are prepared to welcome in this season at it’s fullest capacity.

Here’s a simple ritual for you to do to welcome in the Spring.

  • Find a quiet space to sit outside or look outside.
  • Let your mind relax in the beauty of nature.
  • Take a few deep and full breaths.
  • Ask yourself the questions listed above.
  • Write down your answers. (this is important! Writing helps to integrate new learnings)
  • Take some time to reflect on your answers.What did you learn?
  • When you are ready, burn or throw away what you are ready to let go of.
  • Keep the answers your wrote to what you want. Read through them and notice how you feel.
  • Take a moment to honor yourself for doing this ritual.
  • Now, give yourself some space and time to just enjoy the beauty around you. When you are ready, perhaps in the next few days, spend some time with what you want, perhaps share with another and then when you are ready, decide what is the next step you will take to bring you closer to your dream.

I encourage you to remember the deep wisdom that is within you and that as you clear out what is old and no longer needed, you can trust that your inner guidance will lead you towards greater fulfillment, inner peace and joy.

May this Spring bring to you many happy surprises!

Peace and love,