An invitation from Spring

I was born on the first day of Spring. My mom told me that when she went into the hospital it was a beautiful sunny day and when she came out a few days later, it was snowing!  Spring is like that. It’s often thought of as colorful and gentle but that misses the bumpier parts. It’s a transitional time. We are moving from the dead of winter to the full out expansion of summer, and that takes a bit of time to accomplish. Life has to wake up first before it can go full out.

This time of year I tend to think of flower bulbs and how they push their way up through the soil with such faith. Here they are buried in the dark and something awakens within them and they begin their journey upward and outward. It amazes me, especially because when planting the bulbs they look dead, as if there is no life at all. And then there they go!

I looked at a number of pictures to use for Spring and I chose this one because of this older couple and how they were walking together but apart.  I think age teaches us how to allow more space around everything, even relationships or possessions that we cherish.

Creating space has a way of creating freedom and most things appreciate the freedom to be. Like a deep breath, it allows for a good stretch and opens up our minds and hearts. As Spring comes forward, space is created….the space for grass to grow, flowers to bloom, trees to leaf out, ideas to blossom, business to grow, houses to build, the list goes on and on….

Creating space is the first step for inviting in creativity.

How are you creating space in your life this Spring?

What needs to be cleared out? Released?

What is ready to wake up? What is ready to grow?

And what needs tender protection and patience so that it can emerge at it’s own pace?

What did you discover?

New awarenesses and insights that come from questions such as these, can help you navigate the bumpy first part of Spring. They are so basic in many ways and so simple, but we often don’t take the time to ask and then listen to what’s true for us. If we do, they can be a helpful guide as we move through this transition time.

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Did the rose 
Ever open its heart 
And give to this world 
All its 
It felt the encouragement of light 
Against its Being. 
We all remain 

― Hafez