Find the Courage to Create Positive Change

Where do you find courage? The kind that finally lets you act on what you know to be true? The kind of courage that keeps you moving on regardless of the ups and downs? The courage to create what you want instead of settling for or tolerating what does not serve you?

It comes from the heart.

The state of one’s heart inevitably shapes one’s life, it is ultimately the place where everything is decided.”John O’Donohue

We intuitively know this on some level. It can be heard in common expressions of speech. We hear things like, ‘She put her whole heart into it’, or “He lost the game, his heart just wasn’t in it’ and we get a sense right away of what that means. With the heart engaged, a person shows up fully, commits and gives all they have got. Without it, there is a missing piece, a flatness, a lack of aliveness and commitment.

To create positive change requires courage. The root word for courage comes from the word Coeur, which is Norman French for heart. To have courage means that you have a heart that is open, full, strong and clear.  Among ancient cultures it is believed that when you have these four qualities you have access to your whole heart and are able to stand in your truth and your own personal power.

What is in the way of you living more fully from your heart, your truth and your own personal power? I know for myself it has been simply fear. Fear that limiting beliefs might be true, an overactive inner critic that reminds me of how I might fail, old stories that did not serve any longer and all kinds of other obstacles that appeared extremely large on the horizon and often felt overwhelming.

Somehow in spite of the fear sometimes we push through.

That is what is amazing about us as human beings. We have the ability to reflect, explore, examine, step back and allow our perceptions to shift and change in ways that support can support us and let us tap into new ways to problems solve and create. We can meet fear head on and move on past it, around it, under it or over it.

You can find the courage to create positive change in your heart. Not someone else’s but yours.

You have something no one else does and when you stand in your truth and personal power we all benefit.You must have the courage to believe in yourself, be true to yourself, trust yourself, see what is real, ask for help when needed and act.  Because what you have within you is yours to express, achieve and create.

I’d love to hear your questions and experiences around heart, courage and fear. Write your thoughts and let’s begin this conversation!