January 2017

Welcome to the New Year…. May it bring you good health and happiness! My latest blog….New Beginnings Part 2. The Softening. As you start to move into a new beginning, learn about the importance of creating space, softening your perspective and being willing to ask the courageous questions. Read More >>


September 2016

September 2016Happy Fall! I grew up back east in Bethesda, Maryland. September was always a beautiful month. The leaves were just beginning to turn and it was the start of school; new books, new note pads and new school clothes! This newsetter is about new beginnings and how they can show up in different ways. Read More >>


April 2016

April 2016It starts quietly in stillness and then steps out boldly announcing to the world that it is time to take action. Spring is definitely the time of new beginnings!

What is it that you want to achieve or experience this year? Read More >>


January 2016

9e9a19e0-b494-4560-8913-119fc6cd6e70It’s a New Year! In this newsletter you’ll find, Trust This Time, a piece written about the importance of trust regardless what you may be facing. There is also a coaching offer and links to the beautiful harmony of Joseph the Band and a meditation by Jack Kornfield. Read More >>


December 2015

2adcc673-edf2-4213-8a62-d9e9cd5e973a‘Greater than words is action. Greater than action is silence in nature’. In this newsletter is a simple and effective meditation from Lionheart, a special coaching offering and a piece about winter. Read More >>


September 2015

bd8f7784-d8c9-4ae4-ac5e-723261dda82f“…There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.” Fall is a time of transition, in this newsletter you’ll find an invitation to A Fall Gathering, Dharma Comics and a piece on the joy and meaning found in the simple pleasures of pie making. Read More >>


June 2015

9a02c778-9ed7-49c5-8f8b-4913d7201615Welcome! In this newsletter you’ll find a short article about the beauty of summer, an invitation to A Summer Gathering and a piece on courage. Read More >>