Good things happen when you go for it

Choosing to be coached is a ‘want’. You have to want to work with a coach in order for coaching to truly serve you and your needs. And you have to be ready to change. There is a unique synergy that happens in coaching that is a catalyst for positive change. I’ve seen it over and over again in my clients and in my own life. When you decide to work with a coach you are opening yourself up to possibilities, opportunities and a new way of being. It will empower you and help you gain clarity, a deeper appreciation of your strengths, the courage to go after what you really want and a sense of aliveness and transformative hope. Are you ready?



I hold deep respect for the wisdom and wholeness found within each individual and within groups. When we bridge the practical and spiritual sides of life, we can create space, find center, gain clarity and then can take effective and meaningful action. I offer simple, practical tools and techniques to deepen inner work and create from a place of courage, compassion and wholeheartedness and help individuals and groups create positive change in their lives and relationships.


Learn a way of thinking and feeling that enables a mindset of being calm, curious, creative and courageous and adaptable regardless of the situation you may be facing. The workshop, The Way of Discovery; Moving Forward with Courage, Compassion and Creativity, is available as a half day and day long personalized program. Call and we can find a time to talk about how to prepare yourself and/or your team for positive change.

What people are saying

“Victoria’s coaching brings me out of stuck places and into clarity. She does this with such powerful questions, yet asked with such an ease of voice. The coaching flows like a simple conversation, but so much ground is covered.

“I feel confident in her coaching because of the results and shifts I’ve had. She’s a true expert in her field. I feel she truly understands me and I know she really cares, which means she also holds me accountability with my best interest and goals in mind. She sees the best in me, acknowledges it and raises me up into the person I now know I can be.
Diane Rolston
Entrepreneur Coach, Trainer, Speaker and devoted Mom

“Victoria is a great coach and supported me multiple times in the past few year to deal with challenging situations. She is a great listener and helped me get to the root of the challenges by asking appropriate questions. She guided me to arrive at appropriate strategies to overcome challenges.
Sreeram Kishore Chavali
Director, Systems in Motion

“Victoria is a professional, reliable and very talented. In particular she helped me dig deep in a way that I didn’t realize I needed to. The clarity she helped me find—about my real talents and strengths—was fabulous. I couldn’t have done it without her help. I’d recommend Victoria to anybody that wants to get more clarity from—and take action on—their inner core.
Eric Ryan
Co-founder Mission Met